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A Major Advance in Treating Spinal Stenosis, a Common Back Problem

Back pain is a major health problem. Pain in the back and legs caused by spinal conditions can affect one’s ability to work and to engage in everyday activities. Chances are you or someone close to you has been affected by a spinal problem. As much as 70 percent of the population experiences debilitating back pain due to a spinal condition at some time in their lives. Spinal stenosis of the lower back – lumbar spinal stenosis - is among the most common of these spinal disorders. Now there’s a new surgical solution which provides better clinical outcomes following spinal decompression than spinal fusion back surgery for patients with moderate to severe symptoms of spinal stenosis: The TOPS™ System from Premia Spine.

The TOPS™ System from Premia Spine

The TOPS™ System from Premia Spine is an alternative to traditional lumbar spinal fusion for patients suffering moderate to severe spinal stenosis. Unlike spinal fusion, the TOPS (Total Posterior Solution) System provides stability without sacrificing motion. The TOPS System allows and contains motion in all directions – flexion, extension, lateral bending, and axial rotation. Providing immediate and sustained improvement in quality of life, Premia Spine’s TOPS System has demonstrated better outcomes than lumbar spinal fusion surgery in clinical studies conducted around the globe since 2005. If you suffer from symptoms of spinal stenosis, you should know about TOPS Posterior Arthroplasty. This site explains all about the Posterior Arthroplasty, and about spinal stenosis and related conditions this surgical advance can help treat. Talk to your physician about the Posterior Arthroplasty, and whether TOPS is a treatment option for you. Learn more »

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Three days after the operation, I would walk up and down the stairs in the hospital.

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