Three days after the operation, I would walk up and down the stairs in the hospital, artificial stairs without assistance. I got up and walked the length of the room. I didn't believe it myself, but I had that kind of mobility. The pain was gone.

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I have no limitation, no problem, no pain.

After the operation, I felt great, like any healthy person. My relatives couldn't believe how quickly the change happened. My condition got better with each day. I feel like a new man.

What patients and surgeons say about the TOPS™ System

The TOPS System has been tested in clinical trials throughout the world since 2005. It has been proven effective in providing immediate and continuing relief of pain and restoration of motion. Our patients and surgeons are the biggest supporters. Read and see what they have to say. Here are testimonials from actual patients who rely on Posterior Arthroplasty to achieve pain relief and a restore normal bending, flexing, walking, and other normal daily activities.









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