The Spine, Your Health, and the TOPS™ System

spinal condition treatmentThe lower back, or the lumbar spine and sacrum, is the core of the human skeleton, providing a crucial balance between structural support and flexibility. But degenerative changes that naturally accompany aging and other health factors often result in any of several spinal conditions that can seriously compromise our quality of life. Among the most common are spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the spinal canal), facet arthrosis (bone spurs), spondylolisthesis (a slipped disc) and sciatica (a pinched sciatic nerve). These spinal disorders manifest themselves as pressure on the nerves and nerve roots in the spinal column, resulting in variety of health consequences. The symptoms of spinal stenosis and related spinal conditions can include leg and back pain, weakness and numbness in the lower back or buttocks that further radiates to the thighs and lower leg, and restricted mobility.

TOPS Posterior Arthroplasty in Advanced Treatment of Common Spinal Conditions

Lumbar spinal stenosis and related spine diseases occur most commonly in the lower three levels of the lumbar spine - L3 through L5. Surgical solutions for pain relief have traditionally involved spinal decompression surgery – the removal of bone and tissue that impinge on the nerves. Decompression surgery is often performed in conjunction with spinal fusion back surgery to stabilize the spine in place of the removed material. But spinal fusion eliminates the spine’s natural flexibility at the affected vertebrae, and can actually promote degenerative changes in neighboring vertebral segments, known as adjacent level disease. Now patients affected by these spinal conditions have a new, advanced treatment alternative to spinal fusion. Surgeons are instead offering their patients a Posterior Arthroplasty procedure. A Posterior Arthroplasty involves spinal decompression. However, instead of stabilizing the spine with a fusion, the surgeon preserves motion while stabilizing the spine with Premia Spine’s TOPS (Total Posterior Spine) System. The TOPS™ System provides an alternative surgical solution clinically shown to produce superior outcomes to lumbar spinal fusion. Learn more about how these common spinal conditions and how the TOPS Posterior Arthroplasty can provide immediate and lasting relief from symptoms of spinal stenosis and related disorders. Then talk to your physician and discuss whether the Posterior Arthroplasty is the right solution for you.

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